by j.b. glazer

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David K This is a fat (ph) album. Favorite track: illegal region.
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i wanted to explore a combination of the notion of male masculinity in 2016 and it’s implications on dealing with grief. the last year i watched a lot of people go through a lot of things and the way people dealt differently with similar losses struck me as interesting. on these songs i am trying to examine different ways of dealing with loss from simply regretting not doing more than u could to escaping at shit parties.

created using a microkorg & guitar & some pedals & some drum samples
midnight hour contains a sample of “dr murray banks speaks on the drama of sex”

thank u to jannet power inc for letting me release with them again

physical media forever

- jbg


released May 27, 2016

j.b. glazer



all rights reserved
Track Name: gone
i know
i'll never get to cry like this again
and it shows
how really hard it is to be a man
you wont catch me drowning in these tears for his love
trapped in this way that i cant see past
Track Name: midnight hour
we need 2 talk more
Track Name: after party
i had a nice time with u last night
it was nice to see so many people that i hadnt seen in a while in one place
dont know if id do it again many dicks..

why is there always so many dicks so many unfriendly people its not that hard to be nice
Track Name: illegal region
you suffered in silence and im sorry that you had to
ive never been one to think about violence but you brought it to my door

u were my only friend i didnt have to pretend anything i wanted to do youd always be there and youd always come thru and i miss you more than i ever thought i could
i miss u more than i ever thought i would
and i blame myself for never listening when u said u were down
i put it down to the come down
but really it was real
i never thought youd do it
go down that
please can u come back
please can u come back
please can u come back
please can u come back
Track Name: left
no one's coming for us